Paul Gallen vs Josh Aloiai Live Stream Time & Date
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Bout Information

Start Date : 2021-12-10
Fight center : Boxing
How to Watch Paul Gallen vs Josh Aloiai & Fight Card​

Paul Gallen admits he’s heard NRL player Josh Aloiai has some serious boxing skills, but said there’s a big difference between “chat” and stepping in the ring.

Gallen and Sea Eagles prop Aloiai will face off on December 10 in Newcastle on a card that also includes NRL stars Joey Leilua and Chris Heighington.

There isn’t any boxing footage of the 25-year-old Aloiai, who grew up fighting in New Zealand, which Gallen admits has made for a frustrating preparation.

Aloiai is quietly confident he’ll hand the 40-year-old just the second loss of his career and first against a footballer.

But Gallen (13-1) said he’ll believe it when he sees it, while also acknowledging it could be his final fight.

“I’ve been told he’s a golden gloves (champion) from New Zealand,” Gallen told.

“I think he’s had three fights in Australia and won them all so he comes from a good pedigree of boxing apparently, but we’ll wait and see how we go when we get in there.

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“I know nothing about him as a boxer and that is something that has annoyed me a little bit.

“From the chat I’ve heard, yeah (I’ve got a fight on my hands). But there’s a big difference between hearing about a bloke fighting and getting in a boxing ring in front of thousands of people and knowing there’s tens of thousands of people watching at home.

“How many blokes you heard that can fight? I’ve heard thousands that can fight but until you actually get in there and do it… it’s a big difference.

“I don’t have a lot left in me but I’ve got enough to get this bloke done, that’s for sure.”

Aloiai was tight-lipped when asked by what type of fighter he is.

“You’ll have to find out. Nobody has any footage or knowledge of me so nobody knows,” he said.

“I know what he can do and I know what I can do. I just want to go out there and box really well and I’m confident I can do that.