COLOSSEUM COMBAT 57 Highbaugh vs House Jr Live Stream Time & Date
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Bout Information

Start Date : 2021-12-11
Fight center : MMA
How to Watch COLOSSEUM COMBAT 57 Highbaugh vs House Jr & Fight Card​

Mixed martial arts (MMA), sometimes referred to as cage fighting, no holds barred (NHB), and ultimate fighting, is a full  COLOSSEUM COMBAT 57 Highbaugh vs House Jr contact combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting, incorporating techniques from various combat sports including boxing, kickboxing and martial arts from around Highbaugh vs House Jr  the world. The first documented use of the term mixed martial arts was in a review of UFC 1 by television critic Howard Rosenberg in 1993. The question of who actually coined the term is subject to debate. During the early 20th century, various interstylistic contests took place throughout Japan and in the countries of the Four Asian Tigers.

Colosseum Combat 57 Quick Card
Aaron Highbaugh vs Terry House Jr.
Lloyd Thornton vs Nick Aguirre
Shawn Johnson vs Tevin Dyce
Myles Robinson vs Ryan Hooten
Kevin Fouts vs Keaton Spear
Braxton Minix vs Gabe Larsen
Cody Gosnell vs Wilson Lopshire
Austin Todd vs Gabe Eurit
Jason Carter vs Austin Striggle
Shelby Cannon vs C. Schneckloth
Walter Saragosa vs Jayden Goudy