CAGE WARS 49 Kennedy vs Locklear Live Stream Time & Date
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Bout Information

Start Date : 2021-11-20
Fight center : MMA
How to Watch CAGE WARS 49 Kennedy vs Locklear & Fight Card​

Expect a high-energy, action-packed night of Mixed Martial Arts featuring fighters from all over world. Fighters can expect a properly sanctioned show to the highest standards, ensuring safety and regulation for all fighters. We are a professionally run production that caters to fighters needs, giving them a platform to display their skills. Cage Wars prides itself on matching the best fighters with the same skill sets to ensure a safe and fair contest, making for an exciting night of fights for our fans.

Cage Wars 49 Quick Card
Brendan Kennedy vs Harley Locklear
Kyle Kahler vs Andrew Geisler
Rich Cloudhammer vs Paul Lafond
Corey Norman vs Alex Marro
Nate Russell vs Alex De La Cruz
Ryan Hickey vs Olivier Poisson
James Chaplin vs Malik Smith
Kali Zervos vs Jessica Jean
Nash Hylton vs Logan Samarija
Hayden Speckhardt vs Steve Miller
Ricardo Henderson vs Robert Protomanni
Andrew Smith vs Christian Alvarez
Chris Quiles vs David Galli
Luis Melendez vs Mende Cukalevski
Vinny Alderuccio vs Ben Machugh