Boxing DK Yoo vs Xu Xiaodong Live Stream Time & Date
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Bout Information

Start Date : 2021-12-05
Location : Japan
Fight center : Boxing
How to Watch Boxing DK Yoo vs Xu Xiaodong & Fight Card​

Modern Day Bruce Lee’, Master DK Yoo weighs in on a long awaited fight, with the pride of martial artists across the world.

On December 4, Master DK Yoo takes on Xu Xiaodong, a former MMA fighter, also known as, ‘Mad Dog, a hunting expert on fake martial artists’.

Master DK Yoo has extremely fast and concise movements, famously represented in his Zero-inch Punch, remind anyone of legendary Bruce Lee. DK Yoo is praised as a modern-day Bruce Lee and numerous fans across the world are fascinated by his solid philosophy and principles supporting his incredible movements.

Xu Xiaodong, A.K.A, ‘Mad Dog’ has already crushed a number of Chinese fake martial artists. He has ruined the pride of martial artists around the world. Against this madness, Master DK Yoo is stepping up to the ring to prove the practicality of martial arts.

In this openweight match, DK Yoo, who weighs 80kg, uses his Speed and Core Energy as his weapons to fight against the Strength of Xu Xiaodong, who weighs 100kg.

“The Power of Martial Artist” vs “The Strength of MMA fighter”. Who will dominate the fight?

What if Bruce Lee comes back alive and fights an MMA fighter?
Do expect a unique and thrilling event that you have never imagined possible.

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