UFC 281 video: Erin Blanchfield dismantles Molly McCann on the ground before finishing with nasty kimura

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Erin Blanchfield ended the hype around Molly McCann in emphatic fashion at UFC 281.

Despite competing in her own backyard, Blanchfield actually found herself being booed on Saturday thanks to the overwhelming popularity that McCann has built in her last couple of fights. None of that mattered once the action got started with Blanchfield snatching an early takedown, nearly finishing with elbows on the ground and eventually locking on a nasty kimura that forced McCann to tap out.

The end came at just 3:37 in the opening round.

“It felt really good and I think it was worth $50K,” Blanchfield said after the win. “I was definitely surprised they didn’t stop it. She was still moving. But I think it could have been stopped even earlier.

Andrea Lee doesn’t have any fights, she’s [ranked] No. 9, I’d love to take that spot.”

A couple of striking exchanges led to Blanchfield dropping down and planting McCann on the canvas with a perfectly-timed takedown early in the fight. Blanchfield wasted no time advancing into side control where she began raining down elbows from the crucifix position.

McCann was trapped with Blanchfield just hammering away with short punches and elbows from the top with the Liverpudian just eating shots.

The referee didn’t make a move to stop the fight so Blanchfield decided to go for a different attack after she locked in a kimura that forced McCann to try and scramble free to save her arm from serious harm. McCann slipped free for a moment but then Blanchfield readjusted to grab the same submission again.

This time, Blanchfield got her leg over McCann’s head, which gave her the necessary leverage to twist the arm even further back and the tap came a second later before any further damage was done.

Now 4-0 in the UFC, Blanchfield appears to be a future contender in the flyweight division and this latest victory just proved she’s ready for higher ranked competition.

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