Tommy Fury says he’ll end Jake Paul’s career, Paul fires back

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are talking trash once again | Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images and Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are sniping back and forth once again.

Tommy Fury was fired up after his win today on the Fury vs Whyte undercard, where he took a six-round points nod against over-matched Daniel Bocianski.

Fury (8-0, 4 KO) scored a fifth round knockdown in the fight, but went the distance in the end. After, he got to the real point of this day, calling out Jake Paul.

“I’ll cut you up and chop you to bits, just like I did (to Bocianski),” Fury said in his post-fight interview. “That lad in there would kill Jake Paul on the spot. He’d slap Jake Paul. Jake Paul, I will end your career. You’re a bum and you’re no good. Let’s get this fight done.”

Paul was quick to fire back.

“Congrats on beating a 10-1 fighter. But that stadium was empty,” Paul told Ariel Helwani. “When I fight the stadium is full. When Tommy fights no one gives a fuck. And that’s in his home country. Let’s see how Anderson Silva’s event does.”

It’s worth noting that Tommy Fury was fifth from the top on this card — this is not really a point in his favor, just saying — and that Paul has never fought in what you’d call a stadium, other than his empty building bout with Ben Askren in Atlanta. He’s certainly never had as many fans in a venue as were in there for Tommy’s fight today, though they weren’t really there to see Tommy.

It’s also worth noting that Anderson Silva does not have “an event” coming up; he will be on the Floyd Mayweather exhibition undercard in Dubai on May 14.

Anyway, here’s hoping this fight gets done so they can both stop talking about it.

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