Tank Davis encouraged to leave Mayweather by former fighter

Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather may not work together much longer | Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Gervonta Davis hasn’t been shy about bringing up issues with promoter Floyd Mayweather on social media.

Not long ago we covered the latest dust up between Gervonta Davis and his promotional company, Mayweather Promotions, led by none other than Floyd Mayweather himself.

After Davis expressed some anger at the way his upcoming PPV fight was being handled and mentioned an expiring contract with the company, he later sent out a public message hinting that Mayweather was still showing signs of jealousy towards him by announcing his next exhibition fight on the same day as his opening press conference with Rolando Romero.

Davis obviously felt the move was a ploy by Mayweather — who was clearly not in attendance at the Davis-Romero presser — to steal some of the spotlight off him, but Davis would later delete that message from his Twitter account.

Enter Ishe Smith, a former Mayweather Promotions fighter who spent many years under the banner, working closely with Floyd. Smith decided to speak up on social media today in defense of Davis, and while he never mentioned Floyd by name, he made it clear that he witnessed firsthand Mayweather’s narcissistic ways in a series of tweets.

The love isn’t pure, once you realize that u separate ya self from people. It’s always about kissing his ass and who can do it better. I got out the way, not built like that, so I choose to make my own bread while others choose to sit at the bottom waiting 4 crumbs to fall.

— Ishé Oluwa Kamau Ali Smith (@IsheSugarShay) April 9, 2022

I stay out the way and don’t comment much about the game. The game is shit now, YouTubers etc…but when I do I try my best to speak what I feel is facts. It’s just some real sucka shit to do that to him..but like I said the love isn’t pure, anyone who thinks it is is full of shit

— Ishé Oluwa Kamau Ali Smith (@IsheSugarShay) April 9, 2022

Any mutha fuka who constantly boast about his accomplishments, constantly boast he wants his fighters to break his records, is full of shit. He don’t want you doing better than him, PERIOD! Do you see Jordan or Tiger constantly boasting about themselves? As I said it ain’t pure!

— Ishé Oluwa Kamau Ali Smith (@IsheSugarShay) April 9, 2022

Y’all gonna call this man ungrateful and all kinds of shit, but I’m speaking facts. I was inside, I know what the kid is going through. I’ve always liked him and told him awhile ago before he blew up he had power I have rarely seen in the gym, and he was special.

— Ishé Oluwa Kamau Ali Smith (@IsheSugarShay) April 9, 2022

Real sucka shit but I don’t wouldn’t expect anything less from that side. Keep doing you tho young king and hopefully this is a wake up call for you to take control of your career.

— Ishé Oluwa Kamau Ali Smith (@IsheSugarShay) April 9, 2022

Clearly Smith also doesn’t fully agree with how Mayweather handles aspects of his business, and that’s putting it lightly, but Davis would also seemingly endorse Smith’s position by retweeting a few of these comments.

We’ve been seeing two distinct sides of the coin when it comes to Davis saying he’s got the ‘best team in boxing’ at press events, to only them publicly voice his displeasure, but given the history of turmoil between Davis and Mayweather, it seems like this relationship might’ve officially run its course.

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