Probellum attempts to distance itself from Kinahan after sanctions


Bob Arum claimed to be cutting ties with both Probellum and MTK Global yesterday

Probellum, the apparent brainchild of former Golden Boy president Richard Schaefer, has amassed a considerable stable of fighters since its inception last September. It has also been dogged by credible allegations of an incestuous relationship with MTK Global and its founder, alleged crime lord Daniel Kinahan. Now, with Kinahan the target of major sanctions and a $5 million bounty for information leading to his arrest, Probellum is looking to make some distance.

Probellum Official Statement:

— Probellum (@probellum) April 13, 2022

Probellum’s statement rings incredibly hollow. As Scott pointed out, Rai Taimoor Khan Bhatti, Provincial Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs in Punjab, Tweeted pictures of a meeting with Kinahan in the latter’s capacity as a representative of Probellum.

The comments from Bob Arum that it refers to are his remarks yesterday that Top Rank “won’t have anything to do with Probellum” and is “looking to cut whatever ties [they] have with MTK.” This could turn out to have interesting consequences; in addition to Tyson Fury’s long relationship with Kinahan, Josh Taylor recently deleted Tweets praising Kinahan’s work as his advisor. By Taylor’s reckoning, Kinahan was instrumental in setting up his undisputed title fight with Jose Ramirez Jr.

Probellum also promotes Nonito Donaire, who’s set to rematch Top Rank’s Naoya Inoue this coming summer.

Cleaning house may prove tricky. In the meantime, enjoy the schadenfreude of Mauricio Sulaiman making an ass of himself trying to defend Kinahan last month.

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