Hatton: Barrera fight an exhibition but will be competitive

Hatton will make his return between the ropes for old times sake. | Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images

Hatton and Barrera will face off in a July 2 exhibition in Manchester.

Former titleholder Ricky Hatton clearly has that itch to fight again, and while he won’t be competing in a professionally sanctioned bout when he takes on fellow legend Marco Antonio Barrera in a July 2nd exhibition match, he fully expects the fight to be a competitive battle between two proud champions.

Talking to Sky Sports, Hatton reassures the public that they’re all going to get their money’s worth come fight night.

“It’s an exhibition but it will be competitive, because we’re both proud champions. I don’t think he’ll want to come to Manchester and have me box his ears off, and I don’t think I’d like Marco to box my ears off either.

“We all know what a great fighter Marco was, no one needs to tell me, but to actually go in there and share the ring with him and find out first hand just how good he is it’s going to be a dream come true. Trust me, none of the fans will leave this event disappointed.”

Hatton hopes this fight will in part serve as an inspiration to those who struggle with mental health issues, considering he went through his own struggles during and after his fighting career. Hatton reasons that this exhibition can demonstrate how it’s possible to truly turn one’s life around now that he’s in a much better place in his life — and if only one person takes that lesson away then it’s all worth it.

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