Benn: I’d love a fight against Ugas if he gets past Spence

Benn says he found it odd that Ugas would invite him to dinner, would rather meet him in between the ropes. | Photo by Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

Benn is scheduled to take on Chris van Heerden this weekend.

Although Conor Benn is currently slated to take on Chris van Heerden this weekend, he mentions to ESPN that he was recently in Las Vegas and was looking to get in a sparring session with Yordenis Ugas (who’s set to unify titles with Errol Spence), who instead offered him an invitation to dinner. Benn would decline that invite, and said he would instead end up having to spar with Yuriorkis Gamboa, suggesting that sparring got rather one-sided.

“He kept saying we would spar, he knows the score and knows what was going on but we ended up sparring [Yuriorkis] Gamboa and he had to get pulled out of the spar. Bearing in mind I wasn’t even in training camp but he had to get pulled out because he was beginning to get a bit of a pasting.”

Ugas has his work cut out for him in this weekend’s Showtime PPV main event against Spence, but Benn says if he should manage to come out victorious then that’s a fight he’d certainly like going forward.

“Ugas was there and after he was inviting me out for dinner with him and his missus. I thought: ‘That’s a bit odd,’ I look at that and think ‘I fancy my chances.’ If he does beat Spence, which I believe is not likely, but it is a fight I’d love in the future.”

Benn continues by saying that he’s not completely sure as to Ugas’ motive for inviting him out for dinner — reasoning that they have very little in common, even looking past the language barrier — but says if a real fight between them can materialize, he’d love the test.

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