Arum: Crawford needs sound mind in order to beat Spence, not sure if he’s capable

Arum speaks about the biggest fight in the welterweight division. | Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Arum says Crawford needs a clear head and the ability to make sound decision in order to beat Spence.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum spent some time talking to Fight Hype about his thoughts on what is surely the biggest fight to make in the welterweight division, between Errol Spence and Terence Crawford.

During the conversation Arum briefly questioned Crawford’s state of mind (most likely through the lens of having Crawford filing a lawsuit against him), and also shared some insight into this weekend’s unification fight between Shakur Stevenson and Oscar Valdez. Check out some of what Arum had to say below.

Arum on if he still thinks Crawford beats Spence after seeing Spence’s latest performance

“Well, I don’t know. Again, I always thought Crawford was the better fighter but I don’t know where Crawford’s head is at. To fight at that level that Spence showed, you have to have a clear head and make the right decisions and I don’t know if Terence is capable of that anymore.”

On if he thinks Crawford-Spence happens

“I have no idea. Again, Terence is not in contract with us so it’s somebody else’s problem.”

On Crawford working with Top Rank fighter Shakur Stevenson in training camp

“That’s fine. I’m not gonna lower myself to demand that he leave my gym and so forth. I think we at Top Rank are above that.”

On if Valdez is being written off in this weekend’s fight against Stevenson

“I would think that Stevenson because of his body of work probably deserves to be the favorite but I wouldn’t count Oscar Valdez out…The one thing you have to understand is Oscar relied heavily on Eddy Reynoso, who convinced him to do this fight, which tells you a lot — that they have a big chance to win the fight. Reynoso is a real smart boxing guy.

“They sort of discarded the idea of fighting Navarrette and started instituting talks with me to fight Shakur, or the winner of Shakur-Herring when the talks started.”

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